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"Hi, My Name is Paul Steberger. I have been helping companies reduce their telecom costs for over 30 years.

If you would like your telecom contracts thoroughly reviewed by a seasoned expert who has a consistent record of securing savings, and even refunds for his clients, contact me today.

A Trusted and Experienced Telecom Auditing Company With Over 38 Years of Experience

Applied Utility Auditors designed one of the first  private interconnected telephone system for a public school in  Northern New Jersey in 1974. This provided a feature-rich  solution while saving over 20% in annual costs. We have  designed and consulted for thousands of lines to the business  community and the health care industry (including nursing  homes, and the assisted living industry.)

We have developed a software solution for the health  care industry which integrates the low voltage systems  [alarms, fire and smoke, door entry control, and wireless  monitoring systems] as a turnkey solution. This provides a  cost saving solution while addressing a life safety issue in  that any LCD telephone becomes an auxiliary enunciator panel.

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Our Clients
     Among the clients we are proud to list are: Kyocera Mita  America, Einstein Moomjy where we both audited and provided  system design for over 10 years.  Ben S. Loeb is the country's largest wholesaler of corporate  premiums. We provided a call-center system as well as an NT  based server for voice mail and automated client order status.
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