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"Hi, My Name is Paul Steberger. I have been helping companies reduce their telecom costs for over 30 years.

Do you want to increase the functionality and efficiency of your company's data storage and sharing? Do you want to reduce the costs of maintenance and excessive IT personnel?
Let me guide you to the safe, affordable options that are right for you.

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     Welcome to the next generation of data sharing and storage. We've all heard of 'the cloud', but do you know what the cloud can do for your business? Popular studies such as Deloitte and Booz Allen Hamilton have shown that, when done right, cloud computing can be expected to greatly reduce communication and networking costs.

Cloud Computing

Cloud solutions need to be both cost effective and SAFE. Do you trust your vendors to be honest about the liabilities of their company's safety procedures and protection against hackers? Not only will Applied Telecom analyze the needs of your business, determine necessary technological requirements, and negotiate the ideal contracts for your business, but as a non-affiliated third party, we promise to guide you only to reputable companies with a proven record of data security.

Are you ready to make a safe and secure move toward a more efficient and cost effective way to host and share data?

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Our Clients
     Among the clients we are proud to list are: Kyocera Mita America, Einstein Moomjy where we both audited and provided system design for over 10 years. Ben S. Loeb is the country's largest wholesaler of corporate premiums. We provided a call-center system as well as an NT based server for voice mail and automated client order status.
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