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"Hi, My Name is Paul Steberger. I have been helping companies reduce their telecom costs for over 30 years.

If you would like your telecom contracts thoroughly reviewed by a seasoned expert who has a consistent record of securing savings, and even refunds for his clients, contact me today.

Are you wasting money on complicated telecom bills? Have you been OVER-BILLED by your Telecom Providers? Applied Telecom Solutions professionally analyzes your telecom bills and contracts. If you have been over-billed for services we can secure you refunds. Is there another billing structure available through the company that is more suited to your needs? We analyze the options and recommend the best billing structures and plans for your needs.

Telecom Bill Auditing

We provide cost recovery from carriers and local providers, as well as negotiate and determine appropriate solutions pertaining to rates, central office or Point to Point connections, and point to point connectivity from these carriers/vendors for data, internet, video, and voice. We have resolved client issues concerning AT&T ABN contracts, Verizon credits and tariffs, Paetec, Mettel, and Sprint. We also provide wireless solutions for Verizon and Sprint.

We have an excellent track record in finding errors and implementing solutions.

AT&T ABN Contracts:
Performing an AT&T ABN review and billing error discovery, we can implement solutions and secure refunds. The ABN bill is very complex and difficult to understand, and often causes serious mistakes and over-billings to go unnoticed.. We recently reviewed an AT&T ABN bill and secured over $100,000.00 in refunds for an international co. based in NJ.

Renegotiation of carrier contracts:
We can renegotiate contracts for carriers such as, AT&T ABN contracts, Paetec, Sprint, Verizon and more.. We have secured contract price reductions exceeding $60,000.00 per year on two and 3 year AT&T ABN contracts. Also a recent review of a 50 employee New Jersey company, with a $3,000.00 monthly telecom/internet bill, yielded a 32% monthly savings or $12,000.00 per year.

Eliminate excess capacity and lines that you are paying for:
We find that more than 50% of the companies we audit/consult for have either the wrong services or circuits and average 30 telephone lines when they only required one T1 and 12 telephone lines. Savings were over $1,500.00 per month.

Ready to Save Money on Your Telecom Expenses, and Secure REFUNDS for Overcharges?
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Capabilities: We can provide on site solutions in the following areas;

Data Communications
Voip, EPBX and Key System
Design & Installation

System Design
Internet Requirement
Fiber Networks and Connections

Call handling solutions such as

Automated Systems
Call Center Design

Proper Customer Interfacing
Department Call Handling Needs

Our Clients
Among the clients we are proud to list are: Kyocera Mita America, Einstein Moomjy where we both audited and provided system design for over 10 years. Ben S. Loeb is the country's largest wholesaler of corporate premiums. We provided a call-center system as well as an NT based server for voice mail and automated client order status.
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