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Einstein Moomjy: The Carpet Department Store


A client for over ten years, our most recent task was a review of their communications contracts and needs. After our review we concluded that; Verizon would remain the carrier for their store to store voice and data connectivity, and Paetec would continue as their local, long distance, and Internet provider. Verizon prices remained unchanged in New Jersey, were reduced by 10% in New York City, and Paetec agreed to double the Internet speed for the same rate.

In the ten years as a client we have; Installed the telephone system for their new Paramus store, expanded that same system five years later to accommodate their new Paramus furniture annex, and installed new telephone systems in the Whippany and NYC stores. The routers and circuit design at their five locations were also our responsibility. These systems provided the connectivity needed for their store to store data and voice needs, as well as their Internet needs. We replaced their existing Verizon circuits and Internet access circuits with advanced Verizon point to point T1 circuits. These circuits increased their data capability by 8 times, replaced their slower Internet with high speed service, and increased their store to store voice circuits by 50%. All of this was accomplished while saving over 15k per year.

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Among the clients we are proud to list are: Kyocera Mita America, Einstein Moomjy where we both audited and provided system design for over 10 years. Ben S. Loeb is the country's largest wholesaler of corporate premiums. We provided a call-center system as well as an NT based server for voice mail and automated client order status.
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