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Applied Consulting Group

What we look for in  a possible  client
Multi location companies with significant intra-company calling

Multi-carrier contracts that are too complex to manage

Carrier contracts coming to the end of a term

Loss of capital / funding with outdated technology

Poor performing vendors

Limitations or lack of IT skill at SMB

Security breaches of phone systems

Loss of revenue because of down time

Just not meeting business needs

Why use our company

We remove the burden of managing complex communications networks

Reducing cost of basic communications services

Managing the Quality of the service end-to-end

Delivering service on-demand to help deal with unexpected changes

Providing them with tools for easy changes from business to DR

Enabling mobility of remote users through third party applications

Providing the infrastructure for a true turn-key solution

Delivery a true fully managed solution

Dial up services when needed / scaling back if required

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