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Just recently, the Poteck Power Corporation in Midwestern Ontario has paid out a total of $4.3 million to customers across that region for incorrect utility bills. The Maplewood Manor in Seaforth, Canada, just one of the many businesses to fall victim to the utility bill errors has been refunded nearly $10,0000. 

Jill MacCannell, public relations coordinator for Poteck Power Corporation, the company responsible for retrieving the large lump sums of money throughout the province said this phenomenon of “overcharging” utility customers is presently occurring “all over Ontario.”

Locals throughout that region have been appalled at the types of customers falling prey to the overcharges – including many nursing homes and non-profit organizations. 

Had a private Utility Bill Auditing Company not reached out to the organization and encouraged them to examine their utilities, they would never have found the error and could have been paying those high rates for years. 

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