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Keeping The Information You Give Vendors Safe

Will your information be safe with our vendors?

Several of our 100+ vendors/carriers offer cloud-based services such as VoIP telecom and TEAMS from Microsoft and Cisco. Several of these top-level vendors announced that they also earned the System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type II certification that covers all their facilities, business processes, and cloud services. The SOC 2 Type II audit and certification, conducted by  The Moore Group, LLC, an independent CPA firm, confirms that this vendor and others, meet the strict information security and privacy standards for the handling of highly sensitive customer data established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Two of our vendors Evolveip and Ancero just announced they are once again certified. Call us for more information 888.208.0020 or email [email-subscribers-form id=”2″]

Ancero is proud to announce the renewal of the System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type II certification, which applies to all Ancero facilities, business processes, and cloud services. SOC 2 Type II certification validates Ancero’s compliance with strict data security and privacy standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). SOC […]

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LWBRA Golf Outing Results And News! The winning number for the two $75.00 gift certificates to Ophelia’s on Siesta Key is 175

Hello! I hope you remember us from the last three LWRBA golf outings where we provided ice cream, frozen snickers, and infused watermelon. I plan on being there again next year, so I hope to see you.
The winning number for the two $75.00 gift certificates to Ophelia’s on Siesta Key is 175. Good luck, and I had fun meeting you all. Too bad there was a delay due to slow play, but it was good that it happened at 17, a virtual oasis on a hot day. Thanks again for stopping by.  Be well! 
Email Us  to Claim Your Prize
My goal over  the last 30 years  has been to re-purpose the dollars you now spend on various services , and swap those  dollars for current  advanced technology, and/ or  reduce overhead  and  secure  refunds from suppliers, and utility and telecom companies.
Also I want to invite you to an after work executive conference such as the one we held in New Jersey, see enclosed regarding this event. My goal is to provide an instructional forum for you, and your peers to discuss topics that are relevant to your business operation and improve its bottom line.  We welcome IT, legal and accounting professional, C level execs, and owners. 
Our clients range from a 20 person architectural firm to Fortune 500’s. We will have experts in IT, telecom, risk analysis, compliance, Wi-Fi, Cost reduction, and managed services. The topics are:

  • Unified communication in conjunction with Office 365, or as component in a hosted telecom system. Enabling  the voice component in Office 365 
  • Clients include Legal firms, CPA firms, Fortune 500’s, medical ,and SMB’s
  • Hosted /cloud based data services and Remote Desktop to allow you and your staff to function onsite or remotely with triple redundancy, and Disaster recovery built in. 
  •  Clients include fortune 500’s. a 5000 person medical services  co., United  Way, the Palm restaurant chain, and SMB’s
  • Telecom, IT, and utility audits; are your bills correct and are you aware that there may be tariffs that are better suited for your organization. 
  • Clients include; mall owners, fortune 500’s , municipalities, water authorities, and SMB;’s
  • Disability and health care review. Are you overpaying for these services? Who on staff is an expert on reviewing claims and charges? 
  • Reducing ongoing business expenses. 
  • Insurance risk analysis; allow us to review your exposure, and cost as we have done for companies throughout the US.