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Electricity Energy Audits

With electricity use increasing every year by business, it is critical to look at this expense item with a trained eye to discover if any savings can be affected.

Discover Bill Errors

According to some estimates in the industry, 6-10% of utility bills have errors. These errors are not necessarily minor. Every year, these errors add up to millions of dollars incorrectly billed to utility clients.

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Rate Optimization

There are a large range of rate schedules available, and these rate schedules tend to change from time to time. There is no legal or tariff rule that obligates the utility to determine what rate is best for you, so it is not uncommon to find oneself with an unsatisfactory rate schedule. With our expertise, we can sort through and find what will work best for each client and if a new rate might be advantageous to our clients.

Our audit services check for:

• Overcharges •
• Incorrect meter readings •
• Incorrect Rate Groups •
Plus many other issues that often impact the costs of your utility bills.

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