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A few examples of savings, refunds, and reductions in overhead for clients based on our contingency audits:

We saved NJIT, (New Jersey Institute of Technology) over $140,000.00 by correcting an error on their electric bill.

We offer various services to CPA’s including for their wealth management dept. If they have or want to become a RIA, registered investment adviser. We make it very simple and save quite a bit of money. Example: 26k savings per month for a New Jersey CPA Firm and reduced IT staff from 7 to 2.

A New Jersey utility, PSE&G, issued a $17,000.00 refund and a monthly reduction of $663.25 per month for a New Jersey multinational.

Windstream forgave an overcharge of $12,000.00 for a Fortune 500 client after we presented our case over a 4-month period. We were called in after the client had exhausted their negotiations over the disputed amount.

AT&T issued a $70,000.00 refund to a 25-location client for their California office which was overcharged each month by AT&T. Statute of limitations restricted the amount of the refund. AT&T reduced the same client’s monthly bill by $1,200.00 a month. It is best to act quickly on these issues