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Below is one of the many emails and faxes I have sent to the members of the LWRBA, and surrounding businesses. In view of Hurricane IRMA I wanted to reach out again. Our Florida clients using our Cloud providers experienced no down time or disruption of service.They accessed their data and made and received calls as if they were at their office. I hope we can discuss the options available to you.

To: LWRBA Golfers

From Paul Reed Steberger

From: Applied Utility Auditors DBA Applied Telecom Solutions

Phone (973)-208-0020

Date: 4/21/2015

Subject: We had a winner in 2015 for the gift certificates at Ophelia’s restaurant in siesta key fl. and we hope to do it again May 6th at the Esplanade

We wanted to thank you for stopping by the 17th hole at the LWRBA golf outing. I hope we can meet at your office or for lunch to determine if we may be of help reducing your costs or improving your business operations. I have included a link to an event we held in New Jersey this past October 7th, and we want to hold a similar event at the Polo Grill or the Ritz Carlton this year. I hope you will find this interesting and invitations will be forthcoming.
Telecom and IT Services

For over 30 years we have provided advances telecom and IT solutions to business like yours. Now with the advent of the “CLOUD” we can provide these solutions with no CAPEX, and for the most part at lower monthly cost then you now have. Additionally, 95% of the time our fees are paid by our indirect channel partners, such as AT&T, Verizon, Alteva, EvolveIP, and over 50 other Telecom, and IT partners. There is no fee to you.
Contingency Auditing

Our contingency auditing services review utility bills, workers’ comp., health insurance, and many other everyday bills you pay. We secure refunds and future savings in most of our bill reviews. If we find no refunds or errors, you will at a minimum know that your bills are correct and we will not bill you. I would like to set up a brief meeting to discuss how we may help you now or sometime in the future. I hope you give us a call to see if we can be of help.

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