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This company will get my business…. read on as to why


by Paul | Aug 20, 2017 | Uncategorized

I received this packet re. long term care insurance and was struck that this company operates in the same way we do. We are agnostic as to a solution, we are paid equally by all vendors, and we look for a solution that fits your needs. I hope someday we can help your company in the areas we excel. Take care


LTC+TREE A long  term are insurance  broker
My hope is that you find this packet of information and quotes on Long Term Care Insurance helpful in your research. You are able to compare all of the “blue chip” companies’ plans side-by-side without moving from agent to agent. We are truly 100% independent, so while one company may have had the lowest rate on one plan we quoted you, we will call the balls and strikes as we see them and tell you if another may have an advantage beyond just price. Our goal is to inform you of the facts without you having an uncomfortable and untimely sales meeting with a local agent.
Take your time to review these plans and companies, and when you have time, let’s have a conference call to step through the options and go through your various questions.

Drew Nichols



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