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With RTP installed, record calls by authorized users can easily access call recordings for quality assurance, regulatory compliance, dispute resolution, and much more. Replay RTP by Trisys is designed to record phone conversations taking place on IP phone systems. It runs unobtrusively on your network, monitoring RTP (audio) traffic through a mirrored span port for desired calls and converts them into call recordings. Our Replay RTP solution is available as a 100% software solution (if the PC is provided by the client):
• Supports all IP based telephones systems (must have IP phones)
• Saves recordings as .WAV files • Recordings can be automatically archived or deleted
• On-demand pause/resume recording Replay RTP also comes as a turnkey solution including the hardware (Tapit 6 ezBox Enhanced). Tapit 6 ezBox Enhanced can:
 Record up to 100 concurrent calls*
 Storing over 70,000 hours of recordings
 *Use multiple units for larger installations The Replay RTP web user interface via Tapit 6 Call Accounting software, allows password-protected remote access to calls, and offers over 125 reports. An authorized Tapit 6 user can:
• Easily find recordings by; date/time, caller ID, dialed number, user, DNIS, call duration, extension, trunk, and more.
• Play and download recordings
• Share recordings via e-mail Replay RTP Brochure Document #: RPRTPB–180806 Page | 2 Updated on 08/06/2018 Minimum System Requirements – PC Provided by Client
• Phones must be IP supported
• Core 2 Duo Processor
• 4 GB RAM for Windows 7/8.1/10 Pro/Windows 2008
• 500 GB of hard drive (approximately 67,000 hours of voice recordings)
• 2 Network Cards
• Windows 2008 R2/2012
• IIS ( IIS 7 and high requires IIS 6 compatibility enabled for Windows)
• Windows Media Player to play recordings
• The PC used for listening to voice recordings must have a sound card
• MS Internet Explorer 10 or higher
• Audio (RTP) must be un-encrypted
• A network switch which supports bio-directional “port mirroring” or a plain hub
• MS .NET Framework 4.5 (or 3.5 enabled)
Also we can provide additional software that uses AI to capture emotions of caller

New Voice recording Software from one of our premiere vendors, and IBM’s Watson.
Use with Microsoft teams, Cloud VoIP telecom, and Contact Center software
1. Transcribe recorded calls, and view on computer, laptop, mobile atc.
2. Share calls and the highlights of calls
3. Search and discover by keywords in the call……… saves a great deal of time
4. Capture the tone and mood of of the caller to improve customer relations