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One of our national vendors offer a FREE Phishing Security Test (PST) which will help organizations uncover the percentage of employees who are phish-prone; apt to opening or clicking on potentially malicious emails or links/attachments. They can enter up to 100 employees for this free test. This test can be set up from the KnowBe4 website, under Free Tools. Results in a few days.

Another valuable tool is their FREE Email Exposure Check Pro . This test will uncover the number (%) of employees which have visited or reside on potentially malicious websites, if their identities are found, which ones are on sites which were breached, when the breach was and more. This will also inform them if the login credentials are also exposed. This is valuable because these sites are where the bad guys troll to find their information to perform CEO Fraud or launch malicious attacks.  This check can be run from the KnowBe4 website, under Free Tools. Results in minutes. #acginfo/biz  877 208 0021


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