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Many companies want to lower the cost of their utility bills, especially on energy. That’s because there is plenty of other overhead costs to worry about, which are a much higher priority such as salaries and the lease. So it’s best to learn the different ways that a company can lower energy bills and improve the building’s efficiency.

Here are three helpful tips to lower your company’s energy bill:

1. Landscaping Design

Landscaping provides surprising benefits when it comes to lowering the cost of energy. Landscaping not only looks great and gives a company a sense of pride, but it also keeps the building cool at the hottest times of the year and will help keep it warmer in the coldest days of the year. When properly planned and implemented, landscaping close to the building will add an extra layer of insulation and provide shade.

2. Buy Energy-Efficient Appliances

Using energy-efficient appliances and using alternative fuel sources will help lower a person’s energy bill while also making a green decision. Throw out any appliances that are over ten years old and buy new, efficient appliances. Quick upgrades include a new coffee machine, TV, or even lightbulbs, among many others. 

3. Automate Efficiency

A common cause of wasteful energy is to forget to turn off the lights and hardware. All night long, your company’s energy bill will go up unnecessarily. So, use an automated system to turn off the lights when everybody is gone and ensure all devices and hardware go into hibernation mode. 

Sometimes, the source of a high energy bill can’t be determined. That’s when you need to call an expert to find the root cause of the problem and provide realistic long-term solutions. 

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