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Cost Recovery

We secure refunds and future savings from carriers and local providers, as well as negotiate and determine appropriate solutions pertaining to rates. We saved a fortune 500 over 400,000.00 in telecom savings.
We can configure WAN’s, and point to point connectivity from national and local carriers/vendors for data, internet, video, and voice. This is no cost to you as we are agents for over 25 vendors including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Windstream etc. Our prices are the same or lower than those offered by their direct sales teams.

Proven Results

We have resolved client issues concerning AT&T ABN contracts, Verizon credits and tariffs, MetTel, Sprint, Windstream and Frontier. We also provide wireless solutions for Verizon and Sprint. We have an excellent track record in finding errors and implementing solutions. We reviewed an AT&T ABN bill and secured over $100,000.00 in refunds for an international co. based in NJ.

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Full Telecom System and Bill Auditing

No audit would be complete without a cost comparison. We can consult and /or generate an RFP (request for proposal), and solicit bids in the following areas:

Telephone system design/bid, either Hosted or None Hosted solutions. Also: broadband requirements such as MPLS, FIOS, SD-WAN, DSL, or Ethernet, as well as Local and Long Distance services to find the best carrier for your specific requirements.

* We are not aligned with any particular carrier or service provider.
We analyze your bills and seek refunds and lower rates, either with your current carrier/service provider, or with one or more companies that can provide you with the services you need at a price that fits your budget. We have a proven track record of securing refunds and lower rates for our clients.

Whether you have 5 phones in an office or 5200 phones in 20 offices, we can help find the right system for you. In addition, we provide call-handling solutions including, but not limited to, automated systems and call center design. We also devote resources to departmental call handling needs and goals, as well as proper interfacing to your customers We provided one of the first private telephone systems to a public school in Northern New Jersey in 1974.

Applied Utility Auditors Inc., being a responsible telecom bill audit consultant, is providing top-notch solutions for internet telecom system audit and other telecom bill auditing requirements to the clients in the city.

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