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International Law Firm Drives Communications Reliability Across 60+ Worldwide Locations; Saves Over $300,000 a Year.
Leverages Evolve IP’s Integrated Communications Solution for IP Phone System, Unified Communications and Collaboration, and Contact Center

Ogletree Deakins, an international law firm with thousands of employees,
was using a “hodge-podge” of communications solutions to serve 60+ locations around the globe, according to Ken Schultz, Chief Information Officer. Each location had a different system and frequent outages left Ogletree Deakins struggling to recover. Ken said, “it was once or twice a day we had an outage somewhere in the world.”
Reliability, Reliability, Reliability
This was a major impediment to client relations and the handling of time-sensitive issues. When Ken started as CIO at Ogletree Deakins, he recognized that “the #1 problem was the reliability of the communications and contact center. For a law firm to be losing calls, that is a really big problem.”
While Ogletree Deakins had exceptional resources and expertise to serve their clients, communication difficulties directly impacted their ability to do so successfully. Not only did their external communications suffer, but internal collaboration also became impaired as well. As Ken noted, “people tended to be a lot more siloed.”
Recognizing the impact of these issues, Ogletree Deakins underwent a vigorous process to replace their disparate systems with an integrated IP phone and contact center solution.

They ultimately chose to deploy the Evolve IP OneCloud™ which runs on the world’s largest, most stable, and scalable communications platform from Cisco and provided the firm with multiple cloud computing options as well.
Worldwide Improvements
Ogletree Deakins deployed Evolve IP’s unified phone and contact center across 60 locations including London, Berlin, Toronto, Paris, Mexico City, and St. Thomas, and saw immediate improvements.
“We went with Evolve IP because of their stability and reliability. We knew we wanted a hosted solution and Evolve IP was the perfect fit,” said Ken.
Today, in addition to the security provided by having their phones and contact center running in the cloud, each location is implementing redundancies to provide a backup network.
All employees also have a unified communications application on their mobile phone. In this way, even in a blackout, Ogletree Deakins’ lawyers are able to take calls wherever they’re located.
“We thought about hosting a solution ourselves, but we didn’t have the stomach to do it right. We would need a lot of infrastructure and the right hires. Even then we wouldn’t be able to match the reliability of Evolve IP,” said Schultz.
Immediate Results
Financial Savings – Ogletree Deakins not only received one of the world’s leading IP phone systems and contact centers, they saved over $300,000 annually. “It makes it easy to sell to the board,” noted Schultz.
Stability – Since switching to Evolve IP, Ogletree Deakins has gone from experiencing daily system outages to none at all. “We haven’t had any system outages and can forward calls from the main number to another location if there’s a disaster or business continuity issue.”
Mobile Access – Thanks to the Evolve IP collaboration and unified communications mobile application Ogletree Deakins attorneys can receive office calls out of pocket, anytime. “Single number follow has been great. The attorneys all have the app on their phone, so they can see any call coming in no matter where they are.”
More Collaboration – Internal connectivity between locations has become easier and more reliable. Schultz noted, “we are able to do a better job collaborating and we feel more connected; more a part of the same organization.”

Ken Schultz CIO of Ogletree Deakins
“That’s the type of proposition I like to bring to a Board of Directors. When I can say, ’we can get everything new, be completely redundant, it can meet all of our needs, and oh, by the way, we are going to save over $300,000 a year.’ It makes it easy for me to sell it!”
Headquartered in San Diego, California with multiple locations around the world
Ogletree Deakins specializes in labor and employment counsel. No matter the company size, their pledge is to understand their client’s business and objectives.
Client feedback has earned the firm multiple accolades in publications such as U.S. News-Best Lawyers, Chambers and Partners, Legal 500, and many others.
Access lawyers who are admitted to practice in all 50 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, England, France, Germany, Mexico, and Canada.
Our attorneys pledge to provide our clients with value, innovation, quality, collaboration, and effective communication.
• Ogletree Deakins had an unreliable phone system and contact center and experienced regular outages. With thousands of employees and 60+ locations, they needed a reliable, unified system that promoted stability and connectivity.
• Ogletree Deakins deployed Evolve IP’s integrated IP phone system, collaboration service, and contact center across their worldwide locations.
• Financial Savings – In addition to gaining a world-class IP phone system, unified communications and collaboration tool, and Gartner- noted contact Center, Ogletree Deakins is saving $300,000/ year.
• Stability – Since switching to Evolve IP, Ogletree Deakins has gone from experiencing frequent outages to none at all.
• Mobile Access – Thanks to the Evolve IP mobile unified communications app, Ogletree Deakins attorneys can receive office calls out of pocket, virtually anywhere, anytime.
• More Collaboration – Internal connectivity between locations has become easy and reliable.
EVOLVE IP one of our premier Cloud Service providers.
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The Cloud is no longer about buying individual services. It’s now about building a strategy around multiple cloud services and integrating them together to make IT more efficient. Evolve IP delivers customized strategies and integrated services for both cloud computing and communications. Solutions that are designed to work together, with your current infrastructure, and with the applications you already use in your business. Disaster Recovery, Contact Center, Unified Communications, Desktops and Infrastructure
… Experience Cloud as a Strategy™

  • Applied Utility AuditorsTwo Case Histories; Kyocera Document Solutions, and Wiss and Co.
  • We periodically consult with the clients as needed to address various communications needs acting as their off-premise communications/ utility department.
    • Kyocera a client for over 16 years we began a 2010 project involved securing a $72,000.00 refund from AT&T for overcharges at the CA. branch office and reducing the monthly bill at that office by $2,800.00 per month.
    • In 2006, and 2009 we reviewed the AT&T contracts at six offices/plants in the US. We negotiated a new 3 yr. contract with AT&T which reduced their $25,000.00+ monthly bills by $11,000.00.
    • AT&T continued as the carrier for their voice needs This agreement ended in 2012 and as of 5-2012 Kyocera has moved several offices and will continue to move the balance of their 40+ office in the USA to a hosted provider we helped them select.
    • In Texas, we selected a third-party electric supplier which reduced their 20k plus monthly bill by almost 4k.
    • At their Fairfield headquarters we determined that their electric utility PSE&G had not provided the correct tariff for their electric bills, we applied for and received a credit of over $25,000 and a monthly reduction of $1200.00k. They are currently saving $15,000- $20,000 per year.

         All this work was performed on a contingency basis or was paid through agency relationships. Our client was not out of pocket

    • In 2013 we were hired to consult with Kyocera to determine how to improve their telecom system at their New Jersey U.S. headquarters, and the 25+ offices throughout the U.S. This resulted in 6 months of vendor meetings and determining which of six vendors would be best suited to provide this solution. Kyocera selected Evolveip to provide Cloud-Based telecom for their offices across the USA.

    Case history for Wiss and Co. in Florham Park NJ., a four location N.J. CPA firm

    • Secure refunds / credits
    • Provide local/long distance and DID service
    • After we secured a reduction in monthly costs of $500- $600 per month, we then arranged for local and long-distance, and we were then tasked with securing an MPLS  solution that provided the required internet data, and voice for interoffice communications as well as internet access.
    • We recently provided consulting services to move a portion of their servers to the cloud. This move to the cloud took place in 10-2013
    • In 2014 we were hired to consult with Wiss and CO. to determine how to improve their telecom system at their New Jersey U.S. headquarters, and the 4 other metro offices. This resulted in 9 months of vendor meetings and determining which of the five vendors would be best suited to provide this solution. They selected Evolveip for the Cloud server application and also for  their Cloud-Based Tecleocm system.

      All this work was performed on a contingency basis or was paid through agency relationships or with vendors in which case our client was not out of pocket.

    • We periodically consult with our clients as needed to address various communications needs acting essentially as their managed services provider.

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