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Like any other utility expense, street lights can cause unnecessary overhead costs to the towns and cities who run them. So what does one need in order to perform a Street Light Audit?

The Street light Audit Checklist:


1.      Does the city have any metered street lights, or are they all unmetered?
2.      An inventory of street lights
3.      A current month’s copy of all bills associated with street lights and outdoor/security lighting. (There may be only one, but there can be more. We received an excel spreadsheet that may have had some billing information in it, but a scanned copy of the bill(s) would be better. 
4.      A copy of the letter of authorization/agency (assuming it covers subs) so we can speak directly to the utility company. 
5.      Copies of any agreements between the DOT and the client regarding highway lighting and/or maintenance.
6.      Copies of any service agreements between the utility and the client.
7.      A list of outdoor (security) lighting, including number, wattage and type, if known, and whether metered or unmetered.
8.      A copy of the sales tax exemption certificate for the city (seller: please leave blank)
9.      Any previous electric providers that may have served the city, if applicable, and the approximate dates of service.
10.  Contact Information: 
     o   Who in the organization pays the bills?
o   Who is most familiar with street lights?
o   Who is the account manager at the utility company who handles the                              city’s account?
These are the items we will need for every city we audit for street lights and outdoor/security lighting. Not every city will have every piece of information, but if they don’t have it, it is better to make a note of the missing items, or else we will delay the audit not knowing they don’t have it.

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Street light audits
With my business partner

Borough of East Rutherford N.J.

Population 9, 201

Audit in 2012

Refund of $44,020.00

Annual savings of $9,062.00

City of New Orleans, LA

Population: 490,000 (at time of audit)

Audits in 1991 & 2000

40,000+ unmetered street lights

Refunds totaling $15 million for street lights

Annual savings of $500,000+

Village of Arlington Heights, IL

Population: 70,000

Audit in 2005

1,185 unmetered street lights (mix of utility and customer owned)

Refunds totaling $29,560 for street lights

Annual savings of $7,400

City of Fort Stockton, TX

Population: 7,000

Audit in 2008

800 street lights (mix of metered and unmetered)

Refund totaling $926,815 for street lights, covering 11 years of overcharges

Annual savings of $82,00

City of Plantation, FL

Population: 85,000

Audit in 2007

4,500 unmetered street lights (mix of utility and customer owned)

Refunds totaling $21,000 for street lights

Annual savings of $7,000

City of Bishop, TX

Population: 3,000

Audit in 2007

190 unmetered street lights

Refund totaling $32,760 for street lights

Annual savings of $11,000

City of Las Vegas, NV

Population: 580,000

Audit in 2008

16,000+ metered city-owned street lights

300 unmetered utility-owned street lights

Refunds totaling $250,400 for street light

Annual savings of $100,000



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