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Any organization with VoIP and Cloud servers or  SAAS needs SD-WAN. This is the only method to provide uninterrupted VoIP, and internet service. DSL, Fios, cable, etc  will not provide adequate backup for your IT infrastructure without a SD-WAN device. We have over 15 provides of  SD-WAN to choose from. Let us help you decide how  to use  this important system.

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One of our vendors offers a device, Cloud Connect,  that in conjunction with one of our fiber vendors enabled us to recently reduce and improve an 8-location client’s network by bonding the new fiber and bandwidth. The monthly spend went from 30k to 10k and offered complete redundancy. This device combines the bandwidth of multiple public connections into a single, faster, more reliable virtual connection. Cloud Connect offers a cost-effective alternative to MPLS networks that will dramatically increase network speed, increase reliability, and provide guaranteed quality of service (QoS) over public IP

It will

Dramatically increases your network speed
Increases reliability with automatic failover
Provides bi-directional QoS over public networks
Provides a cost-effective alternative to MPLS networks

Most importantly, Cloud Connect is delivered, managed, and supported by our vendor, regardless of who delivers the connections to your office, ensuring your business can access its critical cloud- based resources whenever they’re needed.




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