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It’s both amazing and saddening to comprehend just how often and how easy it is for a utility company to overcharge businesses and residents alike. As Elizabeth City Electric Customers found out over this holiday season, its can be as simple as employee laziness and an overeager rush to holiday vacation. 

In an effort to get to Christmas vacation as quickly as possible, Elizabeth City  Meter Readers read the meters early for over 600 customers, including business and residential electric customers. Somehow this resulted in these customers being charged for two months worth of electricity in December rather than one. 

Merry Christmas Elizabeth City! Double bills for everyone! 

Luckily, customers were able to spot the error and call attention to it. 

In our experience at Applied Utility Auditors, these overcharges, more often than not, go unnoticed and unresolved on over-complicated utility bill statements. Luckily for our business customers, it costs nothing to have your utility bills examined for overcharges. We only get paid if you get a refund from the utility.

Resolve to not get ripped off by the utilities in the New Year.
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