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Take a few minutes I know we are all busy but this can save you a lot of money and headaches.
This explains how we have helped Fortune 500’s and 10 person companies alike.

This is seemingly the easiest to unlock because it relates to quantifying your obvious costs. Work with a vendor to get a quote for all physical elements you need to operate your own data center. This can include servers, RAM, processors, disk, network switches, firewalls, cables, racks, etc.
If you add up the hardware costs and divide them by the period you plan to measure your TCO – let’s say five years – you have your cost. Some other things that are often overlooked and need to be considered in this vault are: capacity (both too much or too little), technology
exposure (such as cheap disk versus performance-grade), redundancy (do you have any?), and the proverbial crystal ball (did you predict the future properly?). All
of this is topped off by the fact that when you buy hardware, you’re already purchasing older technology. We call this a dead-money expense.

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