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Did you know that utility companies often have more than one rate for commercial/business clients? Guess what? They don’t hand out the best rates automatically. Customers have to seek better rates for themselves. This process can be tedious, and frankly, you’re already busy running your own business. This is where Applied Utility Auditors can help. We find overcharges for 80% of all clients.

You might be reading this because your business was referred to AUA or because we’ve contacted you about conducting a utility audit and you have questions. We’re fortunate that the majority of our customers come from happy client referrals. Here are a few quick points:

First, you’re in good hands. Our team has over 75 years of collective experience in auditing:

• Telecom

• Electric

• Gas

• Water/sewer services

• General bill auditing

Second, our job is to find:

• Errors

• Overcharges

• Incorrect rate group assignments

Third, we get to work by:

• Auditing your invoices

• Analyzing usage

• Identifying the errors

Fourth, you reap the benefits:

• Cost and service recommendations are made

• New rates are negotiated with the utility provider

• Everyone’s favorite part: You score a REFUND!

• We continue monitoring your utility bills monthly basis to ensure accuracy

How does it work?

• Audits are performed on a contingency fee basis

• No errors = no charge to you